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*魔 法 装 备*
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前缀 增加属性 后缀 增加属性
Magic Armor Magic Armor
Durable +5 to armor HP Defense +5 to AR
Substantial +10 to armor HP Guarding +10 to AR
Massive +15 to armor HP Hardening +15 to AR
Fortified +20 to armor HP Fortification +20 to AR
Indestructible +25 to armor HP Invulnerability +25 to AR
Magic Weapons - Magic Weapons -
Accurate +5 to weapon skill Ruin +1 Damage
Surpassingly Accurate +10 to weapon skill Might +3 Damage
Eminently Accurate +15 to weapon skill Force +5 Damage
Exceedingly Accurate +20 to weapon skill Power +7 Damage
Supremely Accurate +25 to weapon skill Vanquishing +9 Damage
Durable +10 to item HP - -
Substantial +20 to item HP - -
Massive +30 to item HP - -
Fortified +40 to item HP - -
Indestructible +50 to item hp - -
Magic Armor
Silver Double Damage vs. Undead (no charges)对不死系生物有双倍杀伤效果。
Magic Armor
Burning Magic Arrow
Daemon's Breath Fireball
Dragon's Breath Fireball
Evil Curse
Ghoul's Touch Paralyze
Mage's Bane Mana Drain
Spell Reflection Magic Reflection
(Will use up charges fast while being worn)
Thunder Lightning
Wounding Harm
Cursed Magic Items
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